Disconnect on BYOD success between users and IT professionals

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September 12, 2013

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This week Apple unveiled two new versions of its popular smartphone when the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were officially shown after months of speculation. The two devices are quite different but will offer consumers a number of price points, colors and features to choose from. They go on sale September 20, which means IT departments will soon be seeing these gadgets in the office. What effect will these new devices have on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies?

BYOD has become a major part of companies across the country, but according to a recent study, there could be more reason for concern about these initiatives than people think. A survey by CDW asked 1,200 mobile users and 1,200 IT professionals for their opinions on BYOD and found a major disconnect between how these two groups feel things are going.

When it comes to IT professionals, 64 percent graded themselves with an “A” or “B” for their efforts when it comes to supporting BYOD. However, 56 percent of users graded the support level as a “C” or worse.

The issues that users expressed ranged from traditional complaints like lack of availability and slow response times to mobile-specific ones, like allowing free access to productivity apps so there is less dependency on the PC.

“Mobility has edged its way into the workplace, increasing and complicating IT’s workload, and often leading to frustration on all fronts,” Andrea Bradshaw, senior director and general manager for mobility solutions at CDW, told CIO Magazine.

Managing these new solutions can be complicated for IT departments that are unfamiliar with the technology. VARs and MSPs that specialize in these areas can become a valuable asset and VAR Staffing ensures these solution providers have the impactful talent needed to be successful.

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