Report: IT security an increasingly complex issue

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September 11, 2013

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Cyber security is a complex issue. That is no surprise, but the latest version of Verizon's "Data Breach Investigation Report" shows just how much so.

The annual study examines the scope of data breaches in a number of industries. This is done with the help of the United States Secret Service and several other law agencies from around the world. In total, data from 27 different countries were represented.

According to the latest numbers, 92 percent of all attacks are perpetrated by outside sources. By comparison, the second-largest number is attributed to state-affiliated actors (19 percent), while insiders are only responsible for 14 percent.

There are a few methods that are favorites of hackers. Seventy-six percent of attacks are done through network intrusions exploited by weak or stolen credentials. Other forms of hacking (52 percent) and incorporated malware (40 percent) make up the top three most common ways attacks occur.

What pushes these criminals is as different as the ways they attack. Seventy-eight percent of incidents are related to low difficulty and 75 percent occur because the opportunity presented itself. On top of that, 75 percent are driven by financial motives.

"All in all, 2012 reminded us that breaches are a multi-faceted problem, and any one-dimensional attempt to describe them fails to adequately capture their complexity," the report reads.

Cyber security needs to be a focus of every organization, because the attacks are not going to slow down anytime soon. With the help of VARs and MSPs, companies can improve their IT security protocols. VAR Staffing provides the impactful talent that any solution provider in the IT channel is looking for.

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