‘Top secret’ IT professionals needed as government work grows

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September 9, 2013

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If the Edward Snowden case has taught us anything, it is the need for trustworthy IT professionals. While having a strong knowledge base is key, with more sensitive information being handled by IT professionals, the need has never been greater to acquire talent that can be trusted.

A recent ComputerWorld article profiled Amazon Web Services, which is currently hiring to fill a number of different positions, and the extreme lengths that candidates will need to jump through if they want to be considered for the job.

"Amazon has more than 100 job ads for people who can get a top secret clearance, which includes a U.S. government administered polygraph examination," noted Computerworld's Patrick Thibodeau. "Amazon's hiring effort includes an invite-only recruiting event for systems, support engineers at its Herndon, Virginia, facility on Sept. 24 and 25."

This is all being done because the company is currently trying to take business away from established IT vendors when it comes to government intelligence work, specifically in its construction of a $600 million private cloud system for the CIA.

Back in March, the company was awarded the contract to create the cloud solution but not everyone in the IT channel was happy about it. IBM protested the contract and prevailed in an administrative ruling. Amazon responded with a 61-page complaint in federal court in August challenging the decision to re-bid this project.

While still going through the resolution process, it is clear that the business world needs trustworthy technology professionals. VAR Staffing can help any IT vendor find high-quality technology professionals.

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