Speedy Electrical Calls Woodbridge Computer Support Experts To Help Them After Experiencing a Costly IT System Failure

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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September 7, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Wordbridge Computer SupportAfter experiencing a data loss and downtime that cost them nearly $7,000,  Speedy Electrical Contractors contacted CAT-TEC (Woodbridge Computer Support Professionals) to upgrade their outdated IT system.  Speedy has been in business as an electrical contracting company since 1975, building and installing electrical systems for high-rise condominiums in the Toronto area.

They were in desperate need of a new system to provide backup and disaster-recovery solutions. With their 280 outside electricians, 15 office staff and four field supervisors, they also needed improved communications. In addition they required a new, updated accounting and project management system.

“We required a solution that would secure our data, prevent future losses and, allow us to recover our systems quickly and efficiently,” said Speedy Electrical Project and IT Manager, Marco.

CAT-TEC got right to work and updated Speedy’s IT system with advanced redundancy. They brought their network up to speed with up-to-date equipment, servers, backups, upgrades and modern software. New accounting and project management systems were installed.  Speedy is now using a Windows Small Business Server that meets their IT needs.

Marco stated, “CAT-TEC’s solutions have allowed us greater file-sharing capabilities between the field and office.  This enhances our productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.”  He went on to say, “Effective backups are extremely important to us after having experienced the crash before we used CAT-TEC.  Now we have the peace of mind that this has been remedied, and is continually being monitored by CAT-TEC remotely.  I now have more time to deal with my Project Management responsibilities with CAT-TEC taking day-to-day technology worries off my hands.”


 CAT-TEC provides small businesses in the Woodbridge, ON region with proactive Woodbridge computer services & IT management for a guaranteed monthly fixed fee. As part of our IT Services Plan we manage all of the devices on a network, as well as monitor and manage anti-virus solutions and backups. In addition, our customer service plan includes 24/7 monitoring with access to unlimited assistance from our help desk.

Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients’ IT infrastructure allows for the maximum possible contribution to their company’s productivity and profitability. We work cooperatively alongside our clients using our skill and vigilant commitment to safeguard their valuable IT assets, and to help them achieve all of their business goals through better managed IT services.

For more information call the Woodbridge computer support professionals at: (416) 840-6560

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