Global competitiveness slowing because of IT skills gap

By VAR_Staffing
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September 6, 2013

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The IT skills gap is a well-known, persistent entity at this point. How it can slow down a business and limit innovation has been covered on this blog for some time, but it can have a larger impact that we have yet to really discuss.

A recent article from OnRec, an online recruitment resource, examined how the IT skills gap is affecting global competitiveness. According to the report, by 2015, 90 percent of all European jobs will require some level of tech knowledge, even if it is just basic computer skills. On top of that, over the next seven years, opportunities for tech professionals are expected to increase by 16 million. With such a disparity between supply and demand, innovation and competitiveness are going to take a hit.

The piece features an interview with James O'Brien, the managing director at Executives Online. According to O'Brien, even industry leaders who have first pick in the talent pool are struggling to find the impactful talent it needs to be successful. His solution is to find outside or temporary solutions.

"Companies that may be struggling to find the right candidates for permanent positions could consider the merits of an interim position instead," O'Brien said. "Interims offer many employers the flexibility of being able to start immediately, are highly skilled and experienced, can consistently deliver to an incredibly high standard, and help companies to maintain innovation and competitive edge."

Often times, VARs and MSPs take the place of temporary hires by providing the required expertise to fill the skills vacuum. VAR Staffing provides a turn key solution to the IT Channel Community to provide the impactful talent that the industry is looking for.

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