Which jobs and skills are in highest demand in the IT channel?

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August 23, 2013

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The IT skills gap has made news across the IT channel and continues to be a thorn in the side of technology decision makers. However, anytime there is a glass-half​-empty situation, it can also be seen as a glass half full. As an IT professional, if you possess the skills that are in high demand, the job market is limitless.

Modis recently released its list of the top IT skills and roles that businesses across the U.S. are trying to fill. The list includes:

  • Software developer including mobile
  • Data analyst
  • Helpdesk professionals
  • Project manager
  • Quality assurance professional
  • Systems administrator
  • Network.telecom analyst
  • Database developer/administrator
  • Data warehouse specialist
  • Enterprise resource planning specialist

NetworkWorld interviewed Dan Pollock, the senior vice president at Modis​, for a deeper look at the list. He mentioned that timing and time of year can impact hiring decisions. He doesn't expect to see the demand for these positions fade anytime soon, adding that the "appetite" for impactful talent is "insatiable" and "the war for talent for highly technical people is raging."

He went on to talk about the effects of the economy on hiring practices.

"Some of the investment dollars that got pulled back in the recession have now loosened up," Pollock said. "New tech projects inevitably create greater demand."

The IT skills gap is not going to close overnight and the areas with the highest demand are an opportunity for professionals to make a splash. VAR Staffing helps solution providers offer the high-quality technology professionals who businesses are desperately seeking.

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