Value of IT certifications on the rise

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August 21, 2013

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For IT professionals, acquiring certifications has been a tried-and-true method to stay updated on the latest trends and stand out from the field of potential employees who are also looking to land a particular gig. However, since 2007, the value of those certification have been slowly declining every quarter.

That could be coming to an end.

David Foote, the chief analyst at Foote Partners was recently interviewed by Infoworld about the latest numbers and what it means for professionals in the IT channel and their paychecks. The latest report shows that there are three main certifications that are increasing in value. Those include architecture/project management/process, database and information security. All of them rose between 1.4 and 1.8 percent.

The numbers come from a survey from 2,400 employers and looks at premium pay and not base salary. Foote went on to say that while some may see the numbers from last quarter as an outlier, it could reflect a permanent shift.

"I think certs pay will not go any lower if the economy stays as healthy as it is right now. It has reached the bottom for now, and I think we can expect either flat performance or mild gains like the past quarter for the remainder of the year," Foote told the news source.

This is a positive shift for IT professionals, as certifications are a traditional pursuit of any technology worker. Finding the right employees can be difficult and the right mix of certifications and experience can help anyone stand above the competition. VAR Staffing helps connect solution providers with the best talent in any market.

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