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August 16, 2013

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We all know technology is irreversibly changing daily operations in the business world. But it is also doing the same thing to the responsibilities of IT Principals and department team members. The fundamental role of every part of the IT team needs to evolve if companies are going to embrace the latest innovations and optimize every opportunity.

A recent article from Harvard Business Review mentioned that the traditional roles of CIO and CTO need to undergo changes if businesses are going to be successful. The Chief "Information" Officer must become an "Innovation" specialist because of the multiple technology-driven solutions that are entering the business world.

The Chief "Technology" Officer's next evolution—"Transformation"—is a little more abstract. This shift is needed to elevate the position's relevance and change responsibilities from aligning technology to applying it in order to speed up business strategies.

"CTOs must embrace the role of Chief Transformation Officer," the article reads. "No longer will this position's relevance be tied to how well he or she can oversee the development of technology. In the near future, the CTO will need to oversee the transformation of every business process, including how you sell, market, communicate, collaborate, and innovate."

These changes in thinking can be complicated to implement and will not happen overnight. Many businesses are leaning on MSPs and VARs to answer technology challenges, which helps in the transition. VAR Staffing helps any solution provider find the impactful talent it needs to make this change as seamless as possible.

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