Government agencies see IT budgets increase

By VAR_Staffing
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August 15, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

The government sequester that gained headlines and became a national phenomenon earlier this year had many people thinking that the budgets for various agencies would enter a downward spiral. While there have been hiccups, many government organizations are actually spending more.

According to the recent Gartner CIO Survey, 75 percent of government IT budgets remained stable or increased so far this year. This is putting these organizations in a better position when it comes to investing in and delivering managed IT services more efficiently, which in turn helps the government operate more effectively.

"CIOs in government indicated that reducing overall business costs is now more important than reducing IT costs alone, which will permit government CIOs to accelerate enterprise-scale initiatives. The business and technology priorities of government CIOs are strongly aligned with their peers from all industries globally, with a few small differences," the Gartner report said.

The survey also found that the top priorities of these organizations are changing. Business intelligences and analytics moved from number five to number one. Improving government IT agencies as well as the workforce landed at number two after being number nine the year before.

This is happening because the importance of technology to traditional business operations is growing. However, it can be difficult to implement these changes successfully and many organizations have turned toward VARs and MSPs as a way to answer challenges more quickly. VAR Staffing helps solution providers find the impactful talent needed to successfully manage the latest technology trends.

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