Exploring the need for email archiving creation

By Sonian
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August 15, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Every business needs a solid email archive solution for their cloud storage and asset protection demands. Compliance requires that all organizations keep track of their confidential and mission-sensitive documents, but as more entities move into the cloud, tracking these files may feel increasingly difficult to do. By creating a personalized email archiving solution, firms can experience the kind of complete data cataloging necessary to maintain compliance and continuity.

Comprehending cloud archives
Business 2 Community wrote that there are many ways for businesses to go about procuring essential cloud archive tools, but some of these resources work better than others.  The source stated that organizations must understand the kinds and amounts of data they need to store in order to establish an archive in the first place, including the depth of current storage assets and the formats of present email utilities. If a service is already in the cloud, it will be much easier to translate these tools into automated archiving options, making the migration intuitive and rapid. In order cases, the source stated that there can be barriers to archive establishment, even when cloud assets are already present.

Controlling corporate information
ZDNet wrote that people intrinsically horde information and maintain files longer than they need to, so finding tools that help them manage these resources is key. In other words, while businesses may be very good already at saving all their emails, they may be missing out on the other essential aspect of archive compliance – organization. The source warned that textual data takes up a huge amount of space as these archives continue to grow, so using cloud-based resources is often best. Cloud storage and archive assets create an environment where storage containers can grow or shrink as needed while incurring minimal costs, especially as compared to legacy solid-state assets.

Today's data management requirements and big data needs are creating landscapes where terabytes of information are the norm. In an archive and eDiscovery setting, this means that businesses need to not only store these assets – they must also be able to search and retrieve individual files, applications and interaction sequences in an on-demand capacity. Cloud email archive is far more affordable than traditional data storage options, but companies still need to be careful that they're executing file tracking and volume control on all of their data containers.

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