Technical education matters in fixing the IT skills gap

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August 14, 2013

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One of the main areas of focus for an overall fix to the growing IT skills gap has been an increased focus on education, specifically when it comes to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) focus.

A recent Forbes article features an interview with Tom Hudson, the CEO of nth/works, a Louisville, Kentucky-based manufacturing company for the appliance and automotive industry, who has taken a hands-on approach.

Hudson revealed that he is using his own resources to go out and encourage the younger generation to pursue jobs in this field by offering hands-on experience and trying to right the skills ship.

"Tom explained how the media and our public school system has set our skilled labor supply back 30 years," the article reads. "We've been telling children that if they want to be successful, college is the only option. Now we're saturated with unemployed or underemployed generalists that lack the technical skills to fill manufacturing positions."

The process for this is a 'proof of concept' pilot program in which Hudson screens the best and brightest performers in STEM at Jeffersontown High School and invites them to join. Students must submit a resume, prove they are dependable and then tour the facility before being accepted. Those in the program will receive hands-on training in several different areas of the factory.

While this approach will help fix the skills gap in the long run, it will do little for companies that have IT needs now. To address these concerns many have turned toward VARs and MSPs for answers. VAR Staffing can provide the impactful talent to make solution providers stand out.

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