Innovation speed causing ‘schizophrenic’ IT departments

By VAR_Staffing
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August 13, 2013

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The technology revolution has turned us into a world that actively seeks the next big thing, even when it hasn't been developed yet. The internet has created a culture of instant gratification and many IT departments must walk the tightrope between handling long technology projects while also addressing the latest trends that are created by the constantly evolving IT channel.

A recent article from the Harvard Business Review examined what it calls the "schizophrenic IT organization." The piece mentions that the business world is leaning on technology for daily operations more than ever before. Because of this, non-tech executives are focusing on the latest innovations and asking to implement them as soon as possible.

This has sped up the timetable for deploying technology from years to months, and skyrocketed expectations of IT departments in the eyes of company executives. It also creates a challenge for IT Principals as they struggle to mold old methods with the fast-approaching "new school."

"The logical response might seem to be to restructure and reskill the IT organization (again!) to accommodate the new demands — in particular, to acquire the skills to deploy emerging technologies like mobile, social media, analytics, and big data." the article reads. "This, we contend, is unlikely to achieve much. What is required is a fresh perspective and novel thinking."

What this means is a shift from thinking of IT as a department responsible for managing technology and more from the viewpoint of managing people. Having impactful talent that can adapt to the changing landscape is increasingly important and many businesses have turned toward VARs and MSPs to answer specific challenges. VAR Staffing can provide the skilled IT professionals every business is after.

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