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By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
August 12, 2013

Stuart Selbst / Stuart Selbst

how_we_do2Over the years at Stuart Selbst Consulting, we have learned to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the technology industry. During these past couple of months, we have truly defined what we do; who we serve and we have rediscovered our “why”.

A little history here, after beginning and running the Trusted Advisor Program for Virtual Administrator, I started Stuart Selbst Consulting in November 2009. I created my company because I felt a need to take a different approach to the coaching of MSPs. I realized that in order to be more effective I needed to be the one selecting which clients I got to work with and to be the one leading the direction of the program. At first I focused on sales of MSP services because MSPs were engaging with me in order to increase their sales. Quickly I learned that sales weren’t the real problem in most cases. It was operations, vendor management, marketing and so forth. I started getting deeper in the trenches with my clients, who I now call partners. I began going on site with them to work directly with them and their teams. As a result, we started seeing amazing results in team productivity and new sales opportunities under this new coaching model.

Fast forward to today. It is no longer just “Coach Stu.” I brought my wife, Loree Selbst, on board effective June 17, 2013. Initially Loree was hired on to help with marketing and communications, but very quickly she showed the partners and me her true business value. Loree has an amazing gift for managing and training staff.  As we have been developing our consulting model further we came to the realization that it all boils down to process improvement. Both Loree and I have always been process driven in our approach to our professional lives, and she has utilized Six Sigma tools over the years in her corporate career. Because we are process oriented and believe in the methodology, we have both become Six Sigma certified.

Loree and I are a consulting team; we work one on one with all of our partners to advise them in the many different areas of their business. Don’t take my word for it; listen to what Keynon Lannom from NewQuest IT in San Angelo, TX said after our first on site last month. Stu and Loree are so easy to work with. They were very professional and were able to get everyone on my team reengaged and excited about the years ahead. Our time working with Stu and Loree was time well spent and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

As time goes on we will continue to evolve our process. We do this by helping our partners define their goals and develop the processes necessary to achieve them. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Many of our partners start off with the same issues, but they differ based on who they are, who their clients are, what market they are in and a variety of factors. Based on our experience and knowledge, we are able to help them create and follow a better defined pathway to success.  But, only if they are willing to put in the effort to work the plan and to change any bad habits they might have.

Stuart Selbst Consulting is not just an MSP Coaching company. We are a business consulting firm that works with the best companies to not only help them grow their business, but to plan for and achieve long-term success.

Call us at 480-389-5481 if you want help defining your goals and making them happen.

All the best for your success,


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