Local IT outsourcing on the rise as economy strengthens

By VAR_Staffing
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August 9, 2013

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Over the last few years, many businesses have turned toward VARs and MSPs as a way to cut technology-related costs. It is impossible to ignore the benefits of using innovations like the cloud and mobile devices in daily operations, but IT Principals have been adopting on the cheap by partnering with third-party service providers overseas. However, that course of action is changing as the U.S. economy strengthens.

A recent article from CNBC spoke with executives from several of the country's leading IT outsourcing firms and found that all of them are beating Wall Street projections. An executive from Cognizant said that his company saw sales jump $2.2 billion and a large percentage of recent growth has come from U.S. companies.

"There is a fundamental change in what our customers are looking for," Cognizant's president Gordon Coburn told the news source. "Clients are not only looking for help on how to run operations better, they are also looking to run their operations differently."

This is a good sign for any IT solution provider, especially as many of these firms have been living dangerously as the economy limped along during a slower-than-expected recovery. Now, with the latest technology hardware and software pushing innovation and creating tools and systems that require a consulting service, the growth potential is immense.

With more companies looking to maximize the value of technology and partnering with VARs and MSPs to do it, these solution providers need to be on the top of their game. VAR Staffing can help any IT consulting firm procure the impactful talent needed to stand out.

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