Are you doing your case studies?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
August 9, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP Case StudiesBe honest with me…are you?

Case Studies are the secret sauce to your MSP marketing and sales strategies and ultimately your MSP success.  Cold calling, social media, SEO and others are nice…but nothing separates you from your competitors like sharing your success with the market place.  This is why we stress the importance of case studies in all your MSP marketing.  Have you downloaded the Ulistic 17 step sales & marketing process yet?  Get it here.

Read the case study that San Antonio’s Pit Crew IT commissioned Ulistic to do for them.  Your MSP can have this done as well.  We do it for you.

Don’t believe me?

I was speaking with the internal director of IT for a major Toronto law firm today who told me the major reason she selected her IT firm was that they had proven success working with law firms.  What does that tell you?  Prospect want to know that you are OK to do business with.  They office manager does want the risk of him or her losing their job because they brought you in as their managed services provider.

It tells me that you need to do some case studies to support your marketing efforts from the first touch to the last breathe you have with a client.  That means you can also use case studies throughout your relationship.

Do you need a trusted MSP marketing firm to help with your case study development?  Call Ulistic at 716.799.1999 x102 and get us working for you.

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