CIOs must be proactive to combat IT skills gap

By VAR_Staffing
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August 2, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

The excitement of new innovations in the IT channel is marred by the growing skills gap that is making it difficult to implement them. A recent article from CIO Magazine focused on what needs to be done at the executive level to try to close the IT skills gap.

"One of the most difficult roles I have as a chief information officer is finding and recruiting talent," Gary King, the former CIO at Chico's, a women's apparel company, told the news source. "In a growing business, with average turnover rates, I run at a constant talent deficit because I cannot find people with the skills I need to fill the job openings I have."

He went on to say that a large portion of the blame should be put on the education system. The current pipeline is not turning out enough professionals with the "appropriate skills" to meet the demands in the corporate world. This makes it harder for the U.S. to compete in the global economy.

The piece does offer a few tips that CIOs can follow as they try to right the ship:

  • Understand that the IT industry has changed and employees need to have interpersonal skills just as much as technology skills.
  • Help educate the next generation of IT professionals by speaking or teaching a course at local colleges and universities teaching a course at the local college. The effects won't be as direct, but they'll be felt industry-wide over time as these skilled professionals enter the workforce.

Businesses need to be proactive if they are going to close the IT skills gap. Many are turning to the VAR and MSP communities for assistance in working through these talent challenges to ensure projects are delivered on time.

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