Email archiving market forecast to keep expanding for years

By Sonian
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August 1, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The need for firms to protect their information assets for years at a time is making archive tools a necessity for many organizations. The migration to the cloud that an increasing number of companies are executing is adding more complexity to these needs, but thanks to cloud email archiving, managing data in this digital landscape is easier than ever. The flexibility and automated response that these cloud-based vaults can offer makes them the ideal partner for cloud storage assets. As more companies come to experience the value of archives in the cloud, the market is forecast to keep growing for the next few years.

A report from Research and Markets showed that the global email archiving industry is projected to continue expanding between now and 2016. The forecast growth rate shows a compound annual appreciation of 18.69 percent during the four-year period, creating an atmosphere that's rich with email archiving options. More tech budgets are predicted to get diverted toward cloud opportunities, and as more applications and services are acquired, obtaining email archives is likely to follow suit.

"The increasing need for cost savings among enterprises have prompted them to use cloud-based email archiving solutions" said a TechNavio security expert in regard to the research results. "Cloud-based solutions are being increasingly preferred over on-premise email archiving solutions because they are cost-effective. Moreover, since cloud-based solutions are based on the SaaS model, they offer significant benefits to end-users."

Tracking data management
One of the most significant impacts on email archiving popularity is the mounting need for firms to comply with eDiscovery requests. As Lexology pointed out, emails can have a significant impact on the outcome of certain kinds of litigation. In employment cases, these messages can be used in a variety of different capacities that support either the business or the worker, depending on the full course of the document transactions. In instances where firms aren't able to produce all the related information needed to proceed with these hearings, it can cause significant financial problems and slowdowns for legal inquiries.

The importance of email archive thoroughness and cloud email management tools helps businesses remain compliant. Thoroughness and accuracy are necessary in order for companies to ensure they can always comply fully and readily to any inquiry. The rising presence of eDiscovery in the corporate landscape may add to the momentum in the archiving industry that Research and Markets projected.

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