When it comes to getting new MSP business. The First Five Minutes Are The Most Crucial.

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
July 31, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Calgary IT ServicesCTECH’s Carl Fransen Successfully Closes Sales Using Our 17-Step Process

Carl Fransen, CEO and President of CTECH, a Calgary IT Services company knows from experience that in order for your MSP to succeed you need to be skilled at closing sales. Once you have a prospect that’s interested in learning about your services, you must act quickly (within the first five minutes!) and use skillful sales tactics to convince them to give you a try.

CTECH has evolved from a simple Calgary IT support company to the top managed services company in the Stampede City and one of the first completely private cloud-based IT firms in the world. But Carl knows he can’t rest on his laurels, and because of this he jumped at the chance to use Ulistic’s 17-Step Sales & Marketing Process for MSPs. The process is documented and proven to work and, if followed, promises to help you close more sales.

Carl uses all the steps in the process but his favourite is the “five-minute rule,” the MSP who calls a prospect back within five minutes gets the new business. After closing a recent sale Carl enthusiastically wrote to us from his smartphone:

“ I got em’!  It’s important to call them within five minutes!  I love the five-minute rule!”

Of course, Carl’s and CTECH’s experience and capabilities certainly come into play.  But Carl and others know that Ulistic’s 17-Step Process provides a formula for successful sales, and makes selling their MSP business a lot easier.

It’s free, and a complimentary service for our clients.  Why not give it a try?  Visit: http://www.ulistic.com/download-ulistic-17-steps/ to download your copy today!

Carl has been a client of Ulistic since day one.  Since that time Carl has experience stratospheric success and his MSP has grown year over year.  Talk with Carl today about how Ulistic has helped him.  We welcome you to call him directly at (403) 457-1478.

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