Is Your Need to be Liked Stronger Than Your Need To Sell Managed Services?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
July 29, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP SalesJust like anything in life, your need to be liked may create obstacles to the goals you pursue. This is a common problem for sales people—IT MSP Sales Professionals included.  You walk a fine line trying to impress your prospect or client with “what you know is good for them,” and your “need” for them to like you. What you actually “need” is to ensure you’re not missing out on sales opportunities because your ego is in the way.  Your ego will always try to trip you up and hurt your sales success.

What’s going on here is that your need for approval is driving you to distraction. You change your sales strategy because you’re afraid of either 1) hurting their feelings, or 2) being too confrontational. You don’t want to upset your client or prospect, but you’re actually doing them (and you) a disservice by not speaking your mind and giving them the information you know they need to succeed.  So what do you do to overcome your ego entrapments?

“Get Over IT!”

Trust your instincts; if you believe something is right to say, then say it.  You may be surprised at their response. Instead of being incredulous, they might actually listen to you. In most cases they won’t perceive your advice as being confrontational, instead they’ll be happy to receive it.  After all, you wouldn’t be there presenting unless they thought they needed your services.  It’s your fear of rejection that could be holding you back from giving a client or prospect the information they need to succeed—and need to give them to make the sale.

Practice This Over and Over Again

When you return from an unsuccessful sales meeting, transcribe what happened and read it aloud to yourself.  Then edit what you’ve written based on what you believe you should have said (if your ego wasn’t’ in attendance at the meeting).  Then practice this script over and over again, perhaps with a colleague.  This way you’ll hopefully feel more comfortable during your next sales presentation, and you won’t be derailed by your ego.

To be comfortable saying what you need to say isn’t so important.  Remember, it isn’t about you or your ego, it’s about what your prospect or client needs—and making the sale.

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