Cloud email archiving gaffs can put continuity in danger

By Sonian
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July 29, 2013

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Businesses must be cautious when working with their cloud email archives in order to make the most accurate and thorough resources possible. In some cases, companies can miss out on essential opportunities to store their files properly or create the right data management environments, resulting in significant issues down the road when data control and monitoring are not sufficient to properly execute recovery or eDiscovery requests.

The way to handle these kinds of problems is to ensure that there are sufficient automation and data handling tools in place to support email archiving in a cloud storage landscape. The volume and flexibility of these assets may make it difficult for firms to zero in on the kinds of information they need to maintain in order to retain compliance and continuity, but there are plenty of situations wherein the right cloud-based applications can create safe havens for essential information. Failing to capture these files could result in significant problems when companies come up against eDiscovery and audit inquiries.

A mishandled data management case
Prairie Business Magazine wrote that the school's president, Dean Bresciani, was found to be intentionally removing or deleting emails from his academic account. The missing files constitute roughly 50 emails from Bresciani's email archives alone, but tens of thousands of other messages were also missing from the institution's data systems. A majority of the missing correspondence is linked to the president in some way, resulting in a serious inquiry as to how the school has been managing and maintaining its file archives.

What's more, the source pointed out that the more than 45,000 messages reported missing were all deleted on the same day that the school's administration requested Bresciani's email records. This case indicates how security and backup functions should be in place from the start with corporate email archiving. With the right tools, the school's leaders may yet be able to recall the correspondence, but a superior cloud storage and archive solution would be able to retrieve these resources in a more fluid and rapid way.

Lexology wrote that email archives play an integral role in a variety of different kinds of inquests. These messages help with employment disputes and other internal conflicts that personnel or corporations may bring forward. Continuity and compliance in business information architecture is mandatory for more than just federal regulation demands. Businesses need these solutions in order to adhere to internal tracking and management policies that support ongoing transparency.

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