Vacation brings no reprieve for IT professionals

By VAR_Staffing
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July 26, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

With the hot summer months in full swing, many employees are laying out plans for a much-needed vacation. This is supposed to be a reprieve from work-related tasks, but IT professionals are not always so lucky.

The problem is that more businesses than ever depend on technology to manage daily operations. With the skills gap limiting the number of quality IT professionals available, losing one employee for a week or more to a vacation means an important knowledge base will not be available, and if something goes wrong during that time, it could spell disaster for a business.

According to a recent article from ComputerWorld, one study found that 67 percent of senior IT professionals are expected to be available when they're on a vacation. The article speculates that the actual numbers could be closer to 95 percent. The CIOs surveyed said that they keep up with emails, calls and company communication to alleviate any potential headaches or long days that could be waiting when they return. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout.

"When employees stay vigilantly aware and engaged 24/7, especially in the age of constant digital connection, it keeps them in a state of high alert," Elizabeth Baskin, the CEO of Tribe, told the news source. "And that keeps them from getting the necessary time to relax and recharge so they can return to work the next day or week energized and replenished."

This is why companies need to have a team of valuable resources available outside their four walls, so that picking up the slack when a colleague takes vacation is not an issue. A quality solution provider that has partnered with VAR Staffing will have the impactful talent every business is looking for.

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