Email archiving market to grow as cloud reliance increases

By Sonian
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July 23, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

As more organizations move into the cloud storage and management realm, the need for more archiving assets is likely to emerge. Market indicators and expert reports show that there is a growing demand for email archiving solutions already, with the future bringing more organizations into the digital arena that will want to partake in the same services. Creating reliable assets and meaningful use of these tools will also potentially continue to increase, as will expectations of corporate compliance and continuity among industries of all kinds.

Forecasting email success
A report from the Radicati Group backed up these claims, showing that the future of email archiving in the cloud will provide companies with instantaneous multi-tenant support and enhanced usability options. The Cloud Business and Consumer Email Market research showed that there will be an increase of about 1 billion corporate email instances between now and 2017. The annual compound growth rate of associated services will also reach around 7 percent, the data showed.

An increasing variety of service providers and information networks will allow businesses to make more use of their email tools, storage resources and cloud security deployments. Corporate email solutions will likely show even more features and facilities than they do now, including archive opportunities and flexible storage options in the cloud. As larger firms and small businesses alike all capitalize on digital services, the need for these assets will promote more competition among providers and increased opportunities for companies of all kinds to benefit from reduced operating costs.

An exploding market opportunity
Another report from Research and Markets showed a much more positive outlook for email archiving tools in the coming years. The Global E-Mail Archiving Market report showed that a CAGR of almost 19 percent can be expected between now and 2016. What's more, the variety of services these providers have to offer organizations will include better security, higher governance and more migration options between in-house and cloud-based email solutions.

The report also added that moving to the cloud with archive systems will help organizations respond more easily to eDiscovery inquiries, one of the biggest factors in why so many companies around the world now prefer this technology. Saving money in all facets of operation is also a compelling reason listed by Research and Markets, but as the expense associated with audits and legal requests continues to grow, the need for fast and accurate eDiscovery solutions like email archiving is becoming increasingly vital for all types of businesses.

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