Great Feedback on the value ULISTIC’s MSP Marketing & Sales Brings

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
July 18, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

We got this email today from a MSP in the Southeast…thought I would share it with those looking for MSP Marketing and Sales help.  This is HUGE problem in our industry folks…something our team at Ulistic works hard at changing.

About a year ago I purchased the (INSERT MARKETING PERSON’S KIT HERE) and it was interesting and informative. The problem was that not a week after spending what to us is a lot of money on the program at least 3 of our clients received the “LETTER EXAMPLE” and other materials from this person’s training. Luckily my clients showed it to me and when asking their opinion they said it would not motivate them to buy. I then went to the annual meeting they have only to find out that almost everyone from my area, was a member, using the same marketing materials, websites, etc.

This is not what I want, having 20+ companies in the same area using a variation of the marketing materials, websites, etc does not lead to differentiating yourself from other companies.

So, that is the short answer.

A little background, we are a small IT company that has had no sales or marketing materials (we still really don’t) or process until I downloaded the 17 step process from Ulistic and thought it was brilliant! Finally something we could actually follow.

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