Are you sending out YOUR OWN MSP case studies?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
July 18, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Hi VIP Club Members.

MSP Case StudyI have a question for you?  Are you sending out case studies on a regular basis?  What is “a regular basis”?

If you are like most are not and you may be scratching your head while you continue to struggle to get new business or even close the business you have in the pipe.

For clients of Ulistic you already know that we want to write a case study at a minimum of once each month.  But, the more the merrier.  There is no limit to how many case studies you can write about the awesome work your MSP does.

Those of you following the 17 step sales process know the importance of case studies for creating credibility with prospects.  Case studies also tear down some of the walls in creating a relationship with a prospect and also your clients. Why?  Because your MSP become less of a risk.

So why are you not writing a monthly MSP case study?  I know the answers…I hear them all the time.

  • Not enough time?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Client needs getting in the way
  • Don’t want to share details about your clients with the world.
  • What else?

OK, I get the point that you may not have the time…allow me to rephrase that…there is no such thing as not enough time…it is simply not a high priority.  That is the truth.

Well, I will throw the BS flag on that one.  Sorry folks.  This is important stuff and you need to do it.  It is key differentiator between you and your competitors and it will help you win more customers.  Also MSP Case Studies help with search engine optimization and make great fodder for your MSP newsletters.

Ulistic can do these for you.  We will collect all required business information, interview your client on your behalf (we know the correct questions to ask), publish your case study to your blog, MSP-PR and other sites, share it with the media (MSPMentor as an example) and help in the distribution to your local and industry media.

How much?  Call Missy for additional information – 716.799.1999 x 102.

Here are some recent case studies we have completed.

Stop procrastinating now about this important part of your marketing, sales and business strategy.  Call Missy for a quote on having Ulistic do a MSP Case Study for your managed services business.

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