How a VAR can help small businesses succeed

By VAR_Staffing
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July 17, 2013

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With the IT skills gap making it increasingly more difficult for businesses to find the technology professionals they need to handle the latest innovations, many companies are turning toward solution providers in the IT channel. For small businesses that do not have the internal talent to manage the latest technology, a VAR or MSP can become the best possible option.

A recent Digital Journal article covers the ways that a quality VAR can help businesses meet current challenges and prepare for future needs.

"Technology can go a long way in helping your business stay competitive, meet customer expectations and improve operational efficiencies," Jennifer Mazzanti, the president of eMazzanti Technologies, told the news source. "But most small businesses simply don't have the resources to evaluate technologies and aren't sure where to find the right technology partner. That's where a value-added reseller can help."

The piece goes on to cover several different ways that VARs can add value to a business. First, they offer a single place for IT Principals to turn to in order to overcome challenges. A quality MSP also has a broad range of expertise, can create a customized solution that meets an individual company's needs, and understands the trials and tribulations of businesses of any size.

While a VAR can become a lifesaver for any organization, without the impactful talent in place, a solution provider does not have a strong leg to stand on when businesses lean on them for help. This is where VAR Staffing can be brought into the fold to help vendors find the right professionals for the job.

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