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By Karl_Palachuk
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July 16, 2013

Karl Palachuk / Karl Palachuk

How to Create a Hugely Profitable Cloud Solution for Small Clients

A 4-Hour Hands-On Event!

October 9th, 2013
Las Vegas, NV

All-New Workshop Format

The theme of SMB Nation Fall 2013 is LivExperience. This year’s pre-day event will build upon that theme. It will be a four-hour hands-on event … and with your hands you will build your own cloud service offering and take that live experience back to your office, ready to offer to your clients!
As a group, we’ll go over possible cloud offerings that you can resell. Then each attendee will work through exercises to sign up for reseller programs, create bundles, and design an overall strategy for making Lots of Money with cloud service offerings.
The cloud is redefining not only how solutions are being delivered but also who is going to deliver them. If you aren’t prepared to offer them to your clients, someone else will … soon. Don’t get left behind. Get out in front of the tidal wave and ride it to a profitable safe harbor with YOUR cloud solutions.
Your Registration includes a recording of the entire workshop
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Agenda: SMB Preday 2013

During this workshop we’ll walk you through everything you need to design and implement a great cloud service offering for small clients. This includes deciding what to offer, building bundles, choosing vendors, and implementing your solutions. Workshop attendees should come prepared to discuss their experiences – both positive and negative.
All attendees will receive workbooks and handouts so that we can walk through the exercises together – and you can change your business immediately. All attendees will also have electronic access to the forms so they can go through them again after the workshop.
If you’re ready to stop pondering and Take Action to build a hugely profitable cloud service solution, register now!

Act Now to receive these bonuses:

  • $99 for the  first two attendees (you and a co-worker or you and a friend)
  • Access to all workshop materials electronically after the event
  • Audio recording of the Workshop

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