Study: Tablet sales to reach 600 million units by 2017

By VAR_Staffing
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July 12, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

The adoption of mobile devices in the corporate setting has long been a topic of conversation in the IT channel and boardrooms across the globe. It is easy to understand why, as tablets have become critical business tools since their introduction to the market just a few years ago.

According to a report from IDC, tablet use is going to skyrocket over the next few years. In 2012, there were 150 million of these devices sold. By the end of this year, that number will increase 63.9 percent to a total of 254 million. By 2017, that figure is projected to climb as high as 600 million units.

If the thought process is that this is just a result of technology becoming more widespread, think again. Computer sales, which are projected to drop by 1.3 percent in 2013, will experience limited growth and hover around 380 million in 2017. By comparison, in 2012, computer sales came in at 340 million.

One of the biggest factors here is price per unit, versus the functionality of the device. The mobility features, added to strong computing power, gives tablets a great bang for a buck.

"Tablet makers are increasingly targeting emerging markets by steadily lowering their average unit price. Brand-name companies are now selling tablets for $99," the report reads. "A year ago comparable models would have cost twice as much."

With more consumers using tablets, businesses need to ensure they are able to manage the devices if they are using them for work purposes. This means a strong IT team is needed, or even partnering with a VAR or MSP that can handle a bring-your-own-device style of office. VAR Staffing can provide the impactful talent that will put solution providers at the top of the list.

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