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July 11, 2013

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SMB Nation Peer Groups are made for you.  The groups are made up of owners at all levels of maturity from the company breaking the $500,000 in revenue mark to the $5,000,000 revenue mark.  Our groups are a place for you to get productive input and advice from people walking the same path you are.  You are led by a facilitator with experience working with 100’s of IT companies around the world.  We have facilitated and been involved in IT company peer groups since their inception in 2002. 

SMB Nation Peer Groups come in three versions:

                Owners – opportunity for you to focus on the three big areas of your business from a strategic and analytic perspective.  Highly financial results oriented group.  Review company financials, trends in your company, and identifying trends in the market.

Service Managers – opportunity for you to see the world beyond your owner’s perspective.  Learn how others are offering their services and how they are succeeding and struggling.  Service Managers focus on how to manage workflow, staff, and improve their department’s profitability while providing a world class client experience.

                Sales Managers – you have the hardest job in the company.  The growth of your company rests on your shoulders.  Begin working with others in your industry facing the same challenges as you.  Even your owner struggles with how to help you since you have such a specialized skill set.  Join your peers to help get more perspective and guidance on your next steps.

Who is a great candidate for a peer group?

A manager or owner who thrives on learning, providing, and receiving input from their peers

Has been in business for at least 3 years

Can make the commitment to attend two meetings per year

Creative thinkers who look to the future of our industry as an opportunity not a threat

Why SMB Nation Peer Groups?

You have been involved in SMB Nation for years.  You know the quality of the education you receive.  You’ve met your SMB Nation peers and you know that taking your relationship with them to the next level will improve your business.  There is NO OTHER group of individuals like the SMB Nation Tribe.  We are vendor neutral, we exist to inform and educate you.  No other peer group organization contributes with SMB Nation contributes to our industry.  Joining us is a natural and smart progression.

Contact us today!  The inaugural peer groups will be in September 2013.  We only have room for 10 companies per group.  Call us today.

Give me the run down!

10 companies per group from non-competing markets

Meet twice a year for 2 Full Days in either Seattle or Chicago depending on the season, we want you to be comfortable!   

Your group is your Board of Directors.  At least once a year you’ll be giving a presentation on your company for structured and actionable feedback

In depth financial analysis focused on your trends and goal performance

Monthly group call (optional) to cover specific topics or get input on your issues

Online financial dashboard that works with no “uploading” from you.  Set it and use it, no maintenance required.  You’ll use this year round, we’ll be creating our group reports from here!

Discounts for companies with participants in multiple groups

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