Increase Your MSP Sales Close Ratio by 80% with Ulistic’s 17 Step Sales Process

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
July 9, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP GrowthWhoever tells you that you can put your sales process on auto-pilot doesn’t understand how to effectively build an MSP practice.  One thing that frustrates me as a professional in the MSP business is the number of “get rich” quick schemes circulating around the MSP community. Here is one thing I can guarantee you…don’t do the hard work, you will never reap the rewards.

This is why we are sharing our 17 steps sales and marketing process openly with the MSP community. 

Here is what I can tell you.  I have built a successful MSP in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I have been in the trenches with you.  IT Matters started with Rob, Tony and myself sitting in a small office in Calgary in 2001.  Eight years later we were $5.4 million in annual revenue and 34 employees strong.  So, yes, I have built a highly successful MSP with the help of some great partners and team members.

No fluff here folks.  I want to give you my 17 steps sales & marketing kit complete with examples of comfort letters we used and other documents that allowed IT Matters to become the top IT services firm in Calgary prior to the company sale in 2008.

I sat in the same seats as you.  I made a point of learning from my peers and I can tell you this…as a MSCE who converted to a sales and marketing professional..sales and marketing is hard work and IT Matters NEVER put our efforts on auto-pilot or did we ever execute services that were mass-produced for the IT industry.  Take a lesson from someone who works with the top managed services providers in North America.  If you want to win in the MSP business do this:

  • Find your voice and use it
  • Find out what makes your MSP business truly unique
  • Stop paying for programs that promise you that you will get rich overnight or set thing on autopilot
  • Stop looking like everyone else

We are giving this away for FREE.  No strings attached.  If you want to engage with Ulistic and speak with our team about other services, we can chat.  Remember, Ulistic is totally committed to helping your MSP achieve stratospheric success.

CLICK HERE to download the Ulistic 17 step sales & marketing process.

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