For Ulistic VIP Members Only – Ulistic’s 17 Step Sales & Marketing Process

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
July 9, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Finally Folks…

The Ulistic 17 step sales & marketing process is documented and ready for you to put to work.  This completely free MSP sales e-book outlines what you need to do now to close more sales in your MSP business.  We guarantee if you follow these steps as outlined…you will close up to 80% more opportunities.  I personally used these steps when Rob, Tony and myself grew IT Matters (a Calgary IT Services firm) from 3 of us to 34 employees and $5.4M in revenue in just 8 years.  So it works folks.  We used these in our MSP and these steps work.

But you can’t deviate from the plan.  That is the only secret.

We will give you (completely free) examples of comfort letters, competitor referral letters and many more tools you can use in your sales process.

Download of this MSP Sales e-book is completely free.  

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND DOWNLOAD.  We will email you a link to download the 17 step MSP sales e-book.

As always, Ulistic is here to help you.

Stuart Crawford

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