The two words non-IT executives fear the most

By VAR_Staffing
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July 8, 2013

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Even for the most battle-tested IT Principles, simply keeping up with the latest IT trends is the most prominent obstacle they confront everyday. Last fall, more than one-quarter of respondents to a survey by SWC Technology Partners—many of them IT leaders—said "keeping up" was their greatest challenge, topping other headache-inducing barriers to success, like "resources," "budget" and "security."

And just think—many of these respondents were IT professionals who have worked in their roles for years and have a firm grasp of both proven and emerging IT devices and processes. Now imagine a non-IT executive who is required to make IT-related decisions. Given that IT Principles are increasingly being given a seat in the C-suite, their fellow business leaders need to understand at least the basic guiding principles of IT.

But that's easier said than done.

As a Harvard Business Review article pointed out last week, the two words that produce the most angst for non-IT executives are "risk" (because they, as business leaders, are naturally risk-averse) and "IT" (because they don't understand it).

The best way for non-IT executives to overcome their uncertainty about IT is simply to engage in a dialogue with the employees who understand IT the most.

And when you're having these conversations, don't overlook the value of including a MSP or VAR. No matter how experienced your internal IT departments may be, these Solution Providers are the true experts, and their input will provide any enterprise with immeasurable value.

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