Cloud email archiving could save data from threats

By Sonian
In Channel
June 26, 2013

Lindsey Framer / Sonian

There are plenty of problems that online users face when considering the depth and range of attacks that could rain down on their corporate information. It's up to IT professionals and savvy software applications to deter attacks, avoid threats and identify risks before they develop into serious problems. In order to facilitate all of these needs, organizations are employing more cloud storage and monitoring tools than ever because these resources facilitate constant governance and watchfulness in a live environment. When businesses are able to survey all of their data centers at once, they can easily pick out weak spots or hone in on potential issues so that they never get the chance to develop into anything more serious.

Increased peace of mind
As Business 2 Community wrote, resources like cloud email archiving are therefore ideal for creating more secure infrastructure. Seeing as how most firms already rely on cloud email resources and an increasing number of firms are switching over to cloud storage as well, it makes sense for companies to try and set up hosted archives for all of these live files. Just because corporate operations take place virtually doesn't mean that firms are excused from keeping long-term records of their messages, files and other data. Doing so in the cloud, though, helps restrain spending and make better use of physical resources.

The source wrote that cloud email archiving is also beneficial for businesses that want to improve their protection against leaks or manmade threats. It's unlikely when using a hosted email storage option to experience a security breath, Business 2 Community wrote, because these vendors take their protection measures seriously. If hundreds of firms were losing all their corporate information on a regular basis, none of these suppliers would remain in operation. In short, it's the lifeblood of an email archive vendor to ensure that no attacks are ever successful on corporate cloud storage.

On top of that, having a separate cloud archive for emails that keeps these resources from mingling with other cloud storage ensures that there's no way for the entire spectrum of business information to become corrupted. This is a form of digital separation similar to remotely backing up files to an offsite storage center, except companies can still access all these services with a single device. Having different portals and applications to service various aspects of corporate data management is the key.

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