Internet of Things creating ‘new generation of applications’

By VAR_Staffing
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June 24, 2013

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The "Internet of Things" sounds like a phrase someone who doesn't understand technology would use to describe Bluetooth or wireless networking. However, it is one of the hottest topics in consumer and business technology.

At its core, the Internet of Things involves the inclusion of internet connectivity into everyday items like ovens, alarm clocks, security cameras and house plants. This would allow users to interact with these devices from a computer or a mobile device as well as gather data that can be used in analytics. This week, several industry experts have commented about how important this trend could be.

"We're on the verge of a new generation of applications," Pivotal Initiative CEO Paul Maritz told Search Cloud Computing. "The industrial space has to take this concept of big data to a whole new level."

David Linthicum, the senior vice president for Cloud Technology Partners, was also interviewed in the piece and mentioned that this concept is far from new, but technology has finally caught up to the vision of innovators.

More devices connected to the internet does open the door to increased security risks. Sanjay Poonen, SAP's president of Technology and Innovation, spoke with CITEworld and mentioned that cyber security should be a top priority.

"We've been investing very heavily in mobile security, preparing the world not just for one billion devices, but 50 billion things," Poonen said. "Everyone needs to be securely provisioned so we can sleep at night knowing our refrigerator is not a candidate for a virus."

As the Internet of Things starts becoming more of a reality, cyber security grows in importance. Companies that do not have adequate in-house solutions should partner with a VAR or MSP that specializes in security. Solution providers paired with VAR Staffing can ensure they offer the impactful talent that can handle all the changes.

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