Is Business Continuity Important Now Calgary?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 22, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Calgary floods 2013Did Calgary, Alberta, Canada ever get a wake up call this week?  Rain combined with melting snow caps in the Canadian Rocky Mountains created a disaster of epic proportion not seen in Calgary in many generations (never experienced by me in my 20 years of living in Calgary).  Raging flood waters forced the evacuation of 26 neighbourhoods and 12 cities across Alberta.  The army was called in to help and police ordered people out of their homes and Calgary’s business downtown core was CLOSED to everyone! Thousands of oil and gas companies and other industries told not to come into work.  Business was shut down.  A true disaster to one of Canada’s top economic centres.

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The Ulistic team just happened to have scheduled our most recent MSP workshop in Calgary this past week and who would have thought that this would have ever happened.

Last Thursday, as the rain fell and we announced communities in Calgary being evacuated. A sold out group of leading and most respected managed service providers from Edmonton, Red Deer, Vancouver and across Calgary had the opportunity to hear business continuity expert Lester Keizer talk about the importance of business continuity.  The timing could not of been better to drive home the point that our own businesses must have a strategy and plan in place.  Get our slides and Lester’s Business Continuity kit here.

One not so alarming stat (we see it at every Ulistic MSP workshop) just 15% of the MSPs in attendance had a written out and tested business continuity strategy in place.  We continue and sometimes we get frustrated trying to persuade and convince our clients to have a business continuity strategy in place while many MSPs don’t have one themselves.  Is there something wrong with this picture?  

How can we possibly sell or even have the right to speak intelligently to business owners about business continuity, online backup or disaster recovery- when you don’t have a plan in place yourself protecting your business.  You need to eat your own dog food here or practice what you preach.  Just because some vendor at a conference with a nice shiny BDR appliance convinces you to by their backup solution, doesn’t make you a business continuity expert.  There are many factors including you having your own plan in place, tested yourself and a firm understanding that business continuity is much more that just backup it is about perserving the legacy and livelihood of your client and their employees.  It is also about preserving the livelihood of your own employees.

You need to practice what Lester Keizer preaches and shares each month at our Ulistic MSP workshops.

Ulistic and Lester have the business continuity package put together for you!

Ulistic and Lester Keizer have put everything together everything you need to get started with putting together your own plan while understanding how to marketing and sell business continuity…TAKE ACTION HERE – you just need to download the slides and kit from our Calgary MSP workshop – click here.  It is our free gift to you…why?  Lester and I share the same goal, to help ensure MSPs have what it takes to achieve stratospheric success.  No strings attached…just download the complete package from our Calgary workshop.

Are you interested in hearing Lester speak about business continuity at an upcoming Ulistic MSP workshop?  Join us in Newark, NJ, Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA over the next few months.

Do you want to figure out how to best market Business Continuity?  Speak with Ulistic today at 716.799.1999 ext 102.

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