Are You Having Trouble Filling Your MSP Events?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 21, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

First, Cultivate Your Relationships With Prospects.

You’ve made the decision to promote your business by offering a workshop, and you’re extremely excited about working with so many people within your area of expertise. You’ve prepared all the materials for your workshop, advertised it using email, and mailed out a thousand professionally designed postcards—You’re sure all this effort will result in many registrations.  But as the date gets closer, you aren’t getting the response you expected. You begin to panic.

Where are those phone calls you’ve been waiting for?

Why aren’t people registering for your MSP event?

Have you spent all this time, effort and money for nothing?

MSP Event MarketingYou thought you did everything necessary in order to fill your workshop. You’ve relayed the workshop description and specifics, and included a call to action with your address and phone number.  You believe you’ve done everything you can do to attract an audience.

The problem is that your prospects haven’t had the chance to get to know you.  Why should they trust you or believe you have the expertise they need?  Unless your prospects, who’ve probably never met or heard of you before, have an urgent need for your services, chances are, your postcard will end up in the trash.

Often times, business owners don’t realize the importance of developing a relationship with their prospects before trying to market or sell to them. They also neglect the importance of combining online and offline marketing strategies.

Even when you’re certain that you’ve sent a perfectly timed marketing piece, keep in mind the underlying number-one rule in sales and marketing: People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Thankfully, the solution to attracting clients can be as simple as ABC Always Be Cultivating. While a postcard was a good idea, the reality is, people need to get to know you before they’ll register for your workshop.

Cultivate Your Relationships: Combine Offline and Online Marketing Tactics

Combining offline and online marketing tactics is an effective way to advertise your event. Follow this process so you can interact on different levels and build a relationship with your prospects. If you do, you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll attend your workshop.

  1. Build a subscriber list. On the postcard or email you send to prospects, invite them to your website with the promise of a free gift. The gift could be an eBook, white paper, or an audio recording. Describe the outcome that they’ll obtain from your gift. In order to receive the gift, have them enter their name and email address into your subscriber list. Once they’ve downloaded your free gift, you’ll have their email address so you can further develop the relationship.
  2. Before your workshop, invite those people who are now in your subscriber list to a free teleseminar. They’ll see the value in working with you, and they’ll get a better picture of the transformation they can experience after attending your workshop.
  3. Continue to engage your prospects. Use social media: Invite them to “Like” your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or connect with you on LinkedIn. Share content, interact with prospects, and invite conversation.

If you’re carefully planning your marketing and sales processes, you’ll convert more prospects into clients. Take the entire process into consideration, and you’ll have no trouble filling your workshops.

Also, focusing on business events such as Sales, Marketing, Finance or Business Strategy will attract business owners.  Our experience has shown that events focused on backup, recovery, telephones and other technical themes do OK…but business events attract the real decision makers.  Consider having your CPA, Attorney or another business figurehead speak at your next MSP marketing event.

Are you having trouble filling your workshops—or turning prospects into clients? Call Ulistic today at 716.799.1999 ext. 102 to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’re here to help MSPs achieve stratospheric success! 

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