NSA security leaks lead to concern of IT security talent

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June 18, 2013

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The data mining scandal by the U.S. government is raising a number of questions about privacy and cyber security. According to the Associated Press, in the last six months, Apple has received between 4,000 and 5,000 requests from U.S. law enforcement agencies for customer data, while Facebook has received between 9,000 and 10,000 requests. The bigger issue, however, has been the leaked program information from Edward Snowden, a former government employee.

While security concerns and a feel of "big brother" watching have many talking about trust in the government, USA Today looked at this from a different angle. Namely, how was Snowden, someone who never graduated from high school, in a position to make $122,000 per year and handle sensitive government information?

The answer is actually pretty simple, in that he had the skills that are in the highest demand in the IT channel—cyber security.

"They're competing heavily for anyone who can get a clearance and has computer skills," Jeffrey Carr, the founder of Taia Global, a cyber security consultancy, told the news source.

According to Robert Rodriguez, a cyber security analyst and former Secret Service agent who is also quoted in the article, there is currently a job shortage of 340,000 in the cyber security sector. Because of this, many organizations are on a hiring binge to find workers with the right skills and mindset to stay ahead of the attackers.

Many organizations are turning toward VARs and MSPs to act as their outside IT security teams. Solution providers that have partnered with VAR Staffing can offer the impactful talent that businesses demand to keep their information safe.

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