IT executives more important to business success than CEOs

By VAR_Staffing
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June 17, 2013

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The importance of technology in the business sector has soared to new levels and according to a recent Forrester study, CIOs are now viewed as the most important senior executives when it comes to driving an enterprise's transformation.

This was declared by Forrester vice president and principal analyst Marc Cecere at the company's CIO Forum event in London. The numbers back him up. According to a survey of 101 North American and European professionals who have been involved in a business transformation project in the last three years, 29 percent stated the CIO was the most important figure when it came to support and leadership.

While that number may seem low, it was the top response among all C-level executives and 5 percent higher than those who said the CEO was most important.

"CIOs are in a unique and potentially powerful position for business transformation, and they need to understand their base of power," Cecere said. "After the strategy phase, 80 percent of the work and activity falls under the role of the CIO, so a strong role for a CIO is a given."

With technology innovations like the cloud, business intelligence and big data all in high demand and being used as part of critical operations, having a CIO involved in the decision-making process is crucial. Failure to have a tech-savvy mind as part of the process can cause security and scalability to be overlooked.

As technology overtakes more important business practices, having impactful talent at all levels of IT is crucial. Companies without that structure have turned toward VARs and MSPs to act as CIOs and provide other key technology resources. When those solution providers are paired with VAR Staffing, they offer the best available talent that becomes more sought-after than the competition.

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