Implement A Marketing System Instead of Just Using a Variety of Ideas

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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June 12, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Marketing Plan for MSPYou’ve recently read a blog post about a great marketing idea, and it sounds perfect for your business. You’ve made a note, or bookmarked the page in order to remind you to add it to your marketing strategy. However, the idea fades away because you never go back to it.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. This is a reoccurring problem, especially for those of you who are Independent professionals. You’re already doing just about everything on your own to keep your business operating, so it’s difficult to add anything to your already-busy schedule.

But according to Robert Middleton, in his article Actually Putting Your Marketing into Action, if you had a marketing system in place, it would be simple to add a new item to your routine.  He says that organizing, creating repeatable systems, and planning projects are half the battle of marketing success. He explained, “When systems are in place, your ideas won’t wither and die. You’ll ultimately get to them and follow them to conclusion.”

Middleton advises that you create a plan for an overwhelming marketing idea, and break it down into steps. This way, it can be accomplished more quickly and easily:

“Systems help you bypass resistance by setting up the conditions and structure that enable things to be done easily. Maybe you decide to write an email newsletter to be sent out on a regular basis, but internal resistance prevents you, you keep missing your deadlines, and you have a hard time knowing what to write about. Setting up an email newsletter system will make the process a lot easier.”

What to Include in Your Marketing System

Depending on what your prospects like, and what you like to do, there are many tactics you can use to market your firm and services.  An important thing to keep in mind is to offer something for everyone – even if they’re not purchasing your service.

Author of Do it! Marketing, David Newman, calls it ‘Happy-Meal marketing,’ in his podcast interview ‘Happy Meal Marketing’: Make Sure No Prospect Leaves Hungry.

“So, your clients who pay you all this fabulous beautiful money, they get a seven-course meal. Even your prospects—people who do NOT buy from you—should still get a Happy Meal. So, nobody leaves hungry.”

Meaning, offer something of value for free, and ensure it’s accessible for everyone. The goal is for prospects to read your complimentary blog, and find something that they think will help them in their business.

Provoke Engagement

Your content should also provoke people to engage with you. Try to make it a two-way conversation; such as allowing comments on LinkedIn, blog or Facebook posts. David Newman says you must ask for what you want. This means that you must invite people to comment, share your posts or join your email lists.

David Bakke agrees that you should include a call to action in all your blog posts. In his article 8 Components of an Effective Blog Post, he says:

“You should never forget a call to action at the end. Try asking the reader a thought-provoking question, this entices them to leave a comment; and articles with multiple comments give your site more credibility.”

Showcase Your Smarts To Attract More Clients

The content within in your marketing pieces will go a long way depending upon the IQ-smarts you include. Buyers will typically look to the web before hiring, or even talking with a service professional. Charles H. Green, author of the article How You Use Your Smarts Is What Attracts Clients, says you should be displaying your IQ smarts before you meet. Green says:

“The client doesn’t want to be over—or under—estimating you in real time; they’d prefer to know what kind of person they’re dealing with up front, in advance of meeting you. That way they feel much more in control, which is a good thing.”

You’ll also want to showcase subject matter and industry smarts before you meet with a potential client. Your published content assures prospects that you won’t be wasting their time, and that meeting with you will be beneficial to them.

So what kind of marketing ideas have you implemented? What kind of marketing systems are you using? 

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