How to Become a Winning MSP Sales Professional

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 7, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

sales professionalsAs a managed service provider, you’re probably aware of how much has changed in the complex world of sales. “The Harvard Business Review” even wrote an article declaring that we’re at ‘The End of Solution Sales,’ saying that the concept of solutions in selling is over.  However, they did go on to say that clients still want to see that what you’re selling will help them achieve their goals.

So how much has really changed in the world of sales?  What are winning salespeople doing differently than those who aren’t realizing nearly as much success? The answer is the way people are selling their products and services. A winning salesperson:

  • Knows who they’re selling to,
  • Knows what they need, and
  • Convinces them that the product or service they’re selling is of value.

It’s the same for MSP sales professionals—In order to successfully sell your service you must do the same.

The following are some basic rules to follow when selling your MSP services:

Provide the prospect with new ideas and perspectives. Research shows that successful sellers do this approximately three times as often as their less successful competitors.

Collaborate with your prospects—don’t just sell to them:

  • Help them achieve their goals,
  • Give them an idea of the end result you’re trying to achieve for them,
  • Persuade them that these results are achievable, and
  • Make an attempt to connect with them personally.

Try to understand and listen to your prospect:

  • Demonstrate that you understand what their specific needs and goals are,
  • Always be honest—focus on building trust with your prospect,
  • If there’s a possibility for something to go wrong, let them know, and
  • Set and meet expectations, and the prospect will trust and appreciate your knowledge!

The most important part of selling MSP services is to increase the perceived value of your services and products—and, of course, to prove to you client that it outshines those of your competitors.

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