Colleges bolstering cyber security curriculum to combat growing threats

By VAR_Staffing
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June 6, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

If you think designing a cyber attack takes years of training, a massive computer network and Hollywood-style henchmen working diligently, you would be sadly mistaken. As one recent college graduate with a degree in IT and a passion for fighting cyber crime told the Cincinnati Enquirer, "It's kind of scary how simple it is."

The article examined how different universities are bolstering their IT offerings with improved cyber security curricula. This is needed for two reasons, as more organizations are relying on tech solutions for critical operations and cyber crime is increasing right along with it.

In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security reported fewer than one dozen attacks on critical infrastructure. That number has risen to nearly 200 as of last year. One professor of cyber security education and economic development said that cyber crime is not a passing fad.

"Our daily life, economic vitality and national security depend on cyberspace," top Homeland Security officials said in written testimony to Congress in May. "A vast array of interdependent IT networks, systems, services, and resources are critical to communicating, traveling, powering our homes, running our economy, and obtaining government services. No country, industry, community or individual is immune to cyber risks."

It is more crucial than ever for businesses to have the right IT talent in place to combat the cyber menaces, but it can be difficult to find the impactful talent while every other organization is searching in the same pool. This is where VARs and MSPs, especially those that have partnered with VAR Staffing, can become an invaluable resource.

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