When You Want Your MSP To Stand Out From The Crowd – Call Ulistic

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
June 5, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Hosting Services in CanadaITUtility.NET is a white-label hosting provider serving the North American market with a concentration in Canada. Unfortunately, we’ve had minimal success with our own marketing efforts to get the word out about how we help IT companies benefit from the cloud.

After we finished “navel gazing,” we realized that we needed help on so many fronts, including:

  • New websites,
  • Marketing collateral,
  • Messaging,
  • Client-satisfaction surveys,
  • Webinars,
  • Press releases,
  • News blasts,
  • Social media, and
  • A long list of other marketing services.

We needed help!

Ulistic Came to Our Rescue

We met with Ulistic to scope out our needs and put a plan in place to move our marketing agenda forward. Stuart Crawford, Ulistic’s MSP Marketing Expert and CEO, understood our situation and was able to head us in the right direction. His MSP marketing services instantly added value to our company.  Ulistic’s team of “ninjas” went to work immediately and helped us sort through a list of tasks that enhanced our presence on the Internet and drastically increased traffic to our websites. Ulistic delivered on their promise and now we’re busy following up on leads and spending less time trying to track down prospects.

Because of Ulistic’s efforts, our websites now have a new, fresh metro-style and professional up-to-date look that “rocks!” Our new marketing messaging and collateral materials hit the mark and speak to our target audience. And, today our presence on the internet is well known. You can check it out on: www.itutility.net and www.portaldesk.net

After receiving Ulistic’s support and services, our website underwent an independent review— it received top scores in SEO statistics, layout and content! Ulistic also provided us professional style templates for our PowerPoint presentations, email marketing, monthly newsletter and a myriad of other artefacts to extend the same branding and professional look across our entire line of online and offline marketing materials.

“The change in our look and our enhanced presence now on the Internet is a direct result of the “Ulistic Effect,” which has been a game changer for us; and something that has definitely helped us excel in our market,” Marc-Henri Lauzon, President of ITUtility.NET Corporation.

With so many IT businesses on the market today, we all need to differentiate ourselves on the Internet.  And we can only blame ourselves for losing business if we continue to do the same thing over and over again.  Unless businesses call in a professional marketing service and consulting company like Ulistic to take a fresh look at our marketing materials– how can we expect different results?

We’re so glad that we did. And, we’re extremely satisfied with the services from Ulistic and look forward to a long-term relationship with them. Working with Ulistic has been the differentiator for us.

Ulistic is our go-to partner for all things marketing! 

About Ulistic (www.ulistic.com)

Ulistic helps Managed Services execute marketing, simple!

Marketing professionals are a dime a dozen in the MSP community. What is the right marketing message for your managed it services business? How do you use social media to keep in touch with your client base? How do you get your website higher in Google search? What marketing strategy makes the most sense?

Ulistic is built on a rock solid foundation as a MSP over the past 15 years. Ulistic’s origins go back to running a successful MSP. IT Matters, a MSP focused on marketing and sales to grow market share, revenues and became a powerhouse in the Canadian technology community.

Ulistic’ s President, Stuart Crawford founded Ulistic in 2010 on one core and extremely important principle of sharing what worked with his MSP.

Calgary’s IT Matters won numerous Microsoft IMPACT awards, nominations at the worldwide level as a Microsoft Partner and many local business awards. Stuart Crawford successfully executed his succession plan from IT Matters in November 2008.

About ITUtility.NET (www.itutility.net)

Founded in 2005, ITUtility.NET™ is the only white-label hosted-services provider that’s entirely Canada-based and sells exclusively through Managed IT Service Providers, Cloud Consultants and Microsoft SharePoint and CRM specialists. ITUtility.NET hosts Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, SharePoint® and Dynamics CRM 2011. Through its Partners, the company offers the latest technology solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs) on a subscription basis. ITUtility.NET Partners have the opportunity to bundle and brand cloud-hosted solutions and services and provide their clients and prospects with the right solutions for their businesses. Clients of today’s IT services organizations no longer need to worry about installing or maintaining on-premises servers and other complicated technologies. The bundled offering from ITUtility.NET and its Partners enables businesses to cost-effectively increase productivity and efficiency using a pay-per-use model that offers flexibility and greater control over budgets.


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