Internal threats pose largest threat to BYOD security

By VAR_Staffing
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June 5, 2013

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Many company decision makers are wrestling over the idea of embracing a bring-your-own-device policy (BYOD) and allowing employees to connect their personal technology to the business network. However, the security risk that accompanies it is a growing concern.

A recent CIO article features an interview with Paul Luehr, the managing director at global data risk management company and cyber-crime lab Stroz Friedberg. In the piece, he talks about IT security, laws and BYOD policies.

According to Luehr, the use of personal devices in business settings has lead to an increase in data breaches involving mobile devices and the cloud. He estimated that the number of cases his company has investigated that involve smartphones and tablets has doubled in the last three years. That would coincide with the introduction of the iPad and the boom of tablet computers.

There are two big concerns here—internal and external. Luehr said that traditional hacking may be over-hyped when it comes to external threats, but internal factors are more concerning. Whether it is a virus or malware on a personal device or a disgruntled employee who takes company secrets and leaves, internal threats are growing. Businesses must start focusing on BYOD security.

"If companies turn a blind eye towards mobile devices, they're going to infiltrate the workplace anyway," Luehr said. "A sounder course of action is to accept reality and realize that BYOD and mobile devices are part of our future, and then construct sound policies and practices. You can't control all actions, but what you should do is foresee those actions and control the consequences to the extent possible."

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