Improving email archive availability helps avoid compliance issues

By Sonian
In Channel
May 30, 2013

Lindsey Framer / Sonian

There is an ever mounting volume of data that companies need to be able to access reliably. In instances where these files are out of reach, organizations could be facing significant slowdowns or even fines for failing to meet compliance guidelines. These issues are especially important to email archive solutions, where businesses strive to store a vast amount of data and may fail to do so when given the scale of the information they need to deal with. Implementing these resources as a form of cloud storage can help make email archives more fluid and actively, putting them in the best position for compliance and eDiscovery needs.

Making documents available
Business 2 Community wrote that availability is one of the most important aspects of file management in terms of email archiving. The source stated that there are a variety of ways companies benefit from improved storage features like these, including cost, compliance and search functions that actually provide meaningful use of data structures. Using cloud infrastructure allows firms to significantly reduce the liability created by physical hardware, as well as making corporate documents easier to move, manipulate and recall. This will serve as a major benefit in instances of data inquiry and eDiscovery, as well as maintaining governance and ownership of records.

Exerting file rights
Being able to assert ownership over corporate files is a significant issue for many organizations, according to IT Pro Portal. The source stated that it can be difficult for businesses to exert rights over email files that are accessed by third parties or even in certain capacities be employees can be difficult to maintain rights for unless an email archive solution is in place. These cloud-based tools automatically backup to storage caches and create indelible records of the file's original format, making it impossible for a staff member to alter or steal a document. Even if a person is severed from the company, any files that might have been on their personal devices are already in the corporate data center so long as they are attached to a cloud email archive solution.

In cases where organizations need to exert total control over their file systems and email resources, instituting a digital cloud resource allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their continuity infrastructures. Building enterprise data management tools like email archiving in the cloud ensures that entities always have complete control over their files, saving them time, money and compliance headaches further down the line.

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