Email archives provide peace of mind for businesses of all kinds

By Sonian
In Channel
May 29, 2013

Lindsey Framer / Sonian

Online security is a constant concern for companies of all kinds. Whether it's a fledgling organization or an industry leader, businesses need to be sure that their file systems are secure and well monitored in order to ensure that no documents are able to slip through their grasp. Email archive options in the cloud greatly assist with these endeavors since many businesses already keep their email resources in that capacity. By hosting email records in the cloud, companies can save money on the overall cost of deploying archive solutions without risking continuity in the long run.

Concerns about the cloud
As Mercury News wrote, more companies are getting invested in the cloud for email archiving and cloud storage purposes. These facilities make it fast, easy and affordable for businesses to put a lot of information into mutable digital infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. Because of the flexibility of the cloud, however, many firms are concerned about the security and governance that these resources can offer. As the source stated, many firms invested in cloud technology currently employ "set and forget" strategies, or archive and backup tools that automatically cache data as businesses accrue new information. While these solutions ensure that files are not allowed to slip through the cracks, and that continuity resources are as up to date as possible, entities may worry about how thorough and compliant these options really are.

The power of cloud assets
Cloud Tweaks reassured cloud users that email archives and other cloud control resources provide scalable, accessible options to businesses of all kinds. In this way, organizations can constantly check up on their email archive solutions to ensure that continuity and completeness are being observed in backup and archive architecture. These checks and balances of automated cloud systems make it easy for businesses to maintain faith in their long term cloud storage resources, allowing them to save money on curation and overall deployments. Since these systems can care for themselves by and large, fewer man hours and physical resources need to be allocated to these tasks than when using on-site infrastructure. The result is a far more accurate and cost-effective data resource that helps organizations remain compliant and maintain continuity. Companies can also limit access to these resources more thoroughly than with hardware deployments, ensuring that third parties and in-house personnel alike are unable to view documents that they have no business seeing. This plethora of security measures makes it easy for companies of all kinds to maintain faith in email archiving endeavors.

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