Report: U.S. infrastructure under ‘constant’ cyber attacks

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May 28, 2013

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One of the major plot points of the poorly received fourth installment of the Die Hard series is that a cyber terrorist attack on the United States' infrastructure is able to shut down the power grid of the entire East Coast. While it seems like something that could only happen in a movie, a recent report found that an attack of that nature might not be such a stretch.

Released by Congressmen Ed Markey and Henry Waxman, the findings are from a survey of more than a dozen utility companies. Respondents said they suffer "daily" or "constant" attacks from malware and cyber criminals. Despite the frequency of attacks, many of those surveyed said they have only implemented the bare minimum of security standards.

According to Markey, America's electrical grid tops the list of targets for terrorists and rogue states. Despite this, the systems are vulnerable and there is a need to push for stronger standards in Congress.

"Cyber attacks can create instant effects at very low cost, and are very difficult to positively attribute back to the attacker," the report stated. "It has been reported that actors based in China, Russia, and Iran have conducted cyber probes of U.S. grid systems, and that cyber attacks have been conducted against critical infrastructure in other countries."

The growing threat of cyber security breaches is not going to slow anytime soon, especially as more companies are turning toward the latest technology to streamline their day-to-day workflows. Organizations need to make sure they have the right IT security personnel in place to handle these challenges. By partnering with VAR Staffing, any technology solution provider can find the impactful talent to combat any security risk.

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