Study shows blended email habits for employees

By Sonian
In Channel
May 17, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Creating a safe, secure resource for email archiving means being able to track and control every facet of cloud storage associated with this process. That can get difficult when personnel are using cloud gateways to access corporate email tools from home or on personal mobile devices, trends that are becoming increasingly commonplace among organizations of all kinds. While coming up with more rigorous data usage protocols is helpful, understanding what devices staff members like to use for email access can help businesses better anticipate email archiving needs.

A study by Opinion Matters showed that almost 75 percent of all personnel use their cloud access to look at emails on the weekends, and more than half admit to checking email while on vacation, whether through domestic or international channels. The variety of endpoints and access channels being utilized to facilitate these plethora of employee outlets can produce significant challenges for companies trying to maintain continuity and compliance in their email archive suites. The trouble is that, according to Net Security Online, personnel are using their business email tools more often than any other form of communication, and that kind of heavy reliance could promote file loss if companies aren't prepared to handle all the methods staff use to access email assets.

Benefits of business archives
Business 2 Community added that instituting email archiving solutions can help cut down on threats and promote better cloud control. With employees requesting access to email utilities from dozens of different sites and through a multitude of devices, many of which are bound to be rogue or unlicensed for enterprise use, it can be hard to track every file created and support the integrity of connections when so many are in use simultaneously. An automated archive tool will catch every document as it's being created, no matter what kind of tool is being used for the process, and this information will be saved to a secure storage facility even without the user's knowledge. Such a system promotes much better transparency and governance in corporate operations.

What's more, building an email archiving solution will help cut down on latency, Business 2 Community added. With such a large percentage of employees frequently using cloud storage tools for email while out of the office, it could create a slowdown for corporate servers. Instituting email archives for message servers will relieve strain on these devices, allowing for better overall communication.

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