How IT can grab the reins from business decision-makers

By VAR_Staffing
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May 14, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

It is quite astonishing how quickly the technology landscape has evolved over the last decade. Traditionally, IT departments have been seen as masterminds of all things tech. IT Principals oversee issues including how the network operates, who gets a desktop versus a laptop computer and what the wireless internet password.

While some of these responsibilities are being integrated with the latest technology trends, like the cloud, mobile and big data, anyone with a corporate credit card can now download a virtual desktop and it seems that every employee has a smartphone or tablet they want to connect to the company network and cloud. In some cases, the challenges are mounting without IT departments having any idea.

In a recent InfoWorld column, Brian Katz examined this dilemma and asked the question: how does IT get the reins back and become proactive again?

"[IT's] job is no longer to be the gatekeeper of technology but to herald technological innovation and use it to enable the business," Katz wrote. "The key word is 'enable'—we don't want to slow down the business but instead enable it to get where it wants to go as quickly as possible while still being secure and smart about it."

He added that most businesspeople do not care what technology they are using as long as it helps get the job done properly. IT needs to be able to manage the growing stable of solutions that are required in the current IT channel. To do this successfully, companies need to ensure they have access to the impactful talent and flexible resources that a quality IT integrator can provide.

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