IT employee satisfaction about more than just money

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May 13, 2013

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When it comes to job satisfaction, many would think that financial compensation is one of the top determining factors for employees. While that train of thought does make some logical sense, a recent IT Executive Salary survey found that money may be much lower down the list of priorities than people think.

In an InformationWeek article, contributing editor Jonathan Feldman broke down the survey. According to respondents, there is not much of a difference of satisfaction levels between CIOs and regular IT staff when it comes to their compensation levels.

"So what does matter to CIOs?" Feldman wrote. "Well, among the 340 CIOs who took our survey, the top answers for 'what matters most to you about your job' were, in order: My opinion and knowledge are valued; Involvement in setting company strategy and determining goals; My work [job] is important to the company's success; Challenge of job/responsibility; and Corporate culture and values."

He added that it is not that much of a stretch to think that if these things matter to CIOs, they probably also matter to the staff they manage. IT Principals need to keep this in mind, as it will play an important role in the retention efforts of impactful talent. It is not always "show me the money."

Every company should strive for employees to want to work at their highest levels. For this to happen, at least in the IT channel, technology decision-makers need to understand what makes IT professionals tick, and then strive to keep them engaged. VAR Staffing can help any IT solution provider find the impactful talent that truly makes a difference.

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