Presidential cloud email archiving underway

By Sonian
In Channel
May 3, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

More businesses are moving to cloud email archiving options  for their security, scalability and stability. Federal guidelines are requiring an increasing number of industries to adopt these kinds of infrastructure, as even government offices and agencies take on these kinds of computing guidelines. The more standardized these options become, the more possible it becomes to create comprehensive public records of information that's been stored with email archiving that are more historical, which fosters even deeper levels of usefulness for these kinds of clouds resources.

ZDNet wrote that this kind of email management is already underway at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The library and museum facility recently opened in Texas, featuring an extensive archive of presidential information. In honor of the rise of major digital infrastructure during his presidency, though, the former president's library will be the site of an expansive email archive endeavor that sheds light on more than 200 million messages sent, received and edited during his tenure.

New management of old data
The presence of the email archiving solution acknowledges not only the historical value of these messages, but also serves to acknowledge the Presidential Records Act (PRA). This mandate requires that all files considered the private property of a president become a matter of public record once that official leaves office. As much of former president Bush's correspondence was carried out by email, this left archivists in a position where they had to decide how best to handle the plethora of information generated during his eight years in office.

In the old days, complying with the PRA would have meant printing, labeling, cataloging and storing every single last message in a cumbersome and highly inefficient physical format. Instead, as ZDNet reported, the cloud email archiving solution lets personnel easily go through and consolidate these vital records. What's more, placing them in this kind of cloud format will make it easy for both casual and intellectual review at any time – as a cloud deployment, the library will have the option of making this archive accessible through the public cloud.

Even when all of the president's emails have been archived, there will still be records from former vice president Dick Cheney to deal with. Since these are also considered public information under the PRA, archivists will need to find ways of integrating these two sets of extensive documentation. Utilizing cloud email archiving options will make this process much easier.

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