What are the top priorities for IT departments in 2013?

By VAR_Staffing
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May 2, 2013

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Saying that the needs of the IT channel have evolved over the last year would be an understatement. As the cloud, mobile devices and information security have grown in functionality, their importance to enterprises has risen. With the number of tech options they have to choose from, however, prioritizing which services, hardware and software to invest in can be difficult.

A recent white paper released by TechTarget examined the top areas that IT Principals need to concern themselves with in 2013. The numbers were compiled following a survey of 3,282 IT managers worldwide.

"If IT organizations and data centers are disappearing into the cloud or being replaced by end users managing them themselves anytime soon, then businesses worldwide are set to waste a lot of money on infrastructure, security and software," Mark Schlack, the senior vice president of editorial of TechTarget, wrote in the piece.

According to the survey, data protection was the top priority, cited by 56 percent of respondents. Server virtualization (53 percent), network-based security (51 percent) and disaster recovery (50 percent) rounded out the top four.

These areas were near the top in 2012 as well, but there were large jumps in other sectors. Some of them include storage virtualization, which jumped up from 10th on the list to sixth, and backups of virtual servers, which rose from 17th to ninth. Mobile device integration was cited by 38 percent of respondents as being a priority.

While it is important for IT decision-makers to be aware of the changes in the IT channel, a higher priority is to make sure that the proper resources are in place to manage these systems. This means partnering with quality VARs and MSPs that are paired with VAR Staffing to offer the impactful talent that can change an IT department.

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